Sunday, October 02, 2005

.... how to tell a story about story telling?

the structure of "alter biographies" is non-linear. associative would be the best way to describe it.
biographies and biographical research is something i was interested in for some years now. but my attention was/is not to explore it in the way of reporting about it.

the structure of the radioshow develops from one piece of audio to the next there is no causality from the beginning to the end. there is no morality or conclusion other than asking questions.
music has the function of illustrating and it avoids too much linearity in the show too.

it is interesting that "biographies" are telling about environments, situations.. about decisions and emotions.
unlike an "alter ego" an alternative biographie would ask for the settings of events and decisions.
if those events are true or imaginated is irrelevant.
the longer i worked on that project the more i learned that it is not that easy to think of "alternative" events than i thought it would.

hm.. maybe it is time to start telling the stories of your life in different versions.. to find out what would have been possible .. as there is not one "truth" to a situation or event whatsoever.

le kim.....

did send me his answers.. and i did the recording..

Sheri V.

did send me an mp3 with her answers......and here are the cats... which she is catwitch for

... do i really have to read that? she asked

miss silke d did the alternative parts of my own and my mom's biography

.... christoph was reading thomas's answers

thomas nesbit was answering my questionaire and christoph lend those answers his voice......

...... giving voice to my show

ruben was giving voice to the wikipedia quotes and the questions of the questionaire.

... a radioshow is a reality in the making

....... making plans.....

music used in my show:

"that's the story of my life...." from half a person by the smiths

"i was born on the other side..... " from the soundtrack to hedwig and the angry inch

"i'll be your mirror....." by velvet underground and nico

".. because you have not been paying attention ..." from 2+2=5 by radiohead

"fitter happier .. more productive......" by radiohead

".. they all want to be the cause ... " from time=cause by broken social scene

"...yesterday man i was a nihilist...." from i want to disappear by marilyn manson

"the smell of sunshine .. i remember sometimes" from i'm looking forward to joining you finally by NIN

".. a little less than a happy heart ... " from fond farewell by elliott smith

"one day she found a message..." from little weird grrrl by gustav

".. cookies make your day ok" ... from foolin' by de la soul

"god only knows..." by the beach boys

and.. "this file is corrupt" by the albatross conspiracy

Friday, September 16, 2005

Alter Biographies

is a radio art project for Orange 94.0 - the Community Radio Station in Vienna.
The Process of doing this Show will be documented here.

... i keep you posted on that.